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Live Synchro This Weekend! (Former THS Athletes Competing)

Sophie Harrison

For those of you interested in watching elite synchronized swimmers from The United States, Russia, China, and Spain (to name a few) swim their routines that they hope to take to the 2020 Olympics, the next competition of the FINA Artistic World Series will be in Barcelona, Spain this weekend.

Two girls that used to swim for THS in 2013, Isidora Letelier Martinez and Cata Fleckenstein, are on the Chilean National Team and will be competing at this competition.

The coaches recommend that you take the time to watch some of these athletes swim, especially the team routines, because they are the best of the best. In particular, Russia, Spain, and Ukraine are the top contenders.

This link is the schedule (please keep in mind that the time difference between Oregon and Spain is +9 hours):


Technical Solo, Technical Duet, and Technical Team are happening Friday, May 31st. Technical routines are shorter than normal routines (1:30-2 minutes, as opposed to 3-4 minutes) and highlight specific skills that the athletes need to master and synchronize.

Free Solo, Highlights, Technical Mixed Duet, and Free Combinations are happening Saturday, June 1st. A highlight routine is short, like a technical, and is focused more on acrobatics, throws, and lifts. Mixed Duets are just like a normal duet, but with a man and a woman. Combinations are similar to team routines, but instead of 4-8 swimmers, there are 8-12 swimmers that can either all be swimming together or can go off into smaller routines as apart of their larger performance.

Free Duet, Free Mixed Duet, and Free Team are happening Sunday, June 2nd. If you are limited on time, this is the day that we would recommend watching.

This competition is going to be live streamed through Fina.Tv. You do need to create an account which will ask for credit card information, however, there is a 3 day free trial and your credit card is not charged until after that trial. We recommend that you create an account, but delete it after you are done watching, so that your credit card is not charged: