If you are interested in knowing more about our club or joining, please contact our club representative: [email protected]

A USA Artistic Swimming (formerly USA Synchro) membership is required to participate in the Tualatin Hills Synchro Club.  Please refer to each of the "Program" descriptions in the main menu for details on what level of USA Artistic Swimming membership is required.  For questions, please contact the THS Team Rep ([email protected]).

Why do we require a USA Artistic Swimming membership?   They are the national governing body for our sport, and they provide us with our liability insurance.  Anyone who swims with our organization is required to have a membership, and thus insurance. 

Instructions for new and renewing USA Artistic Swimming Membership

(1) Locate the USA Synchro account registration page (not as simple as you would think):








  • Pull down the menu




  • Click on "To Purchase a Membership"


(2) Log-in or Create an Account

  • New members, click on the blue "Create New Account" button.
  • Renewing members, log in using your login credentials from last year (or use the "forgot" links)

(3) Register Adult


  • For parents registrating your child, you first register yourself, then your child (athlete).  So, you will enter the parents name, then in the following section you will enter your Role in Family as "Parent/Guardian"
  • For Masters Athletes you will enter your Role in Family as "Participant"
  • IMPORTANT: You must enter Customer Type as "Tualatin Hills Synchro (THS)" and Geographic Area as "West Zone"



  • For parents registering your child;  Click on the blue "Create Account and Add Family Member"
  • For Masters Athletes: Click on the green "Create Account".  You will be emailed an account validation email.
  • .


(4) Register Child (Athlete)

  • You will go through the same registration entry page.  Please note you will enter your child's name and the Role In Famliy as "Participant"


  • Click on the green "Create Account" button.
  • You will be emailed an account validation email.