Radford Aquatics Partners

Please sign up directly online to the event of your choice.  It is very simple, just click on the "Edit Commitment" tab, on the new window, you will have an option of the sessions you would like to attend, if you plan to attend the entire meet, click on all the sessions.  If you will only be attending one day of the meet, and don't know what session that is, simply sign up to ANY session and on the comments box, let the coaches know what days you will be able to attend.  It is that Simple!  

If you miss the deadline, RAST will make every attempt to register your swimmer.  Registration will be processed in an availability basis,  however, it will be up to the HOST team to allow any entries past the deadline. 

Sign up to as many meets as you would like to attend; BORDER CHAMPIONSHIPS IS MANDATORY for all swimmers.   
Event Category:
June 8 2018

Jun 8, 2018 (04:00 PM) - Jun 10, 2018 (08:00 PM)

This is a Timed Finals Swim Meet held at the UNM Pool in Albuquerque. Time standards apply, please check the Meet Invite on this page.
June 15 2018

Jun 15, 2018 (04:30 PM) - Jun 17, 2018 (11:00 AM)

This is the Father's Day Meet held at West Side Pool. This is a PRE-SEEDED timed-final long course, age group meet. A "B" time is required for the 200 meter freestyle event. A "BB" time is require... (For these groups: Black , Coaches, Junior Group, Senior Group)
June 29 2018

Jun 29, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Jul 1, 2018 (06:00 PM)

This is the RAST/SWAT Hosted meet. We will be hosting a prelims finals meet and need all the help we can get! SWAT will be joining us for this important meet. This meet is a final chance qualifica...
July 12 2018

Jul 12, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Jul 15, 2018 (08:00 PM)

This is a time standards Meet. Qualifiers will be contacted as they make times for this meet.
July 20 2018

Jul 20, 2018 (04:00 PM) - Jul 22, 2018 (06:00 PM)

This is one of the big local meets, a great meet prior to Border Champs. This is a Prelims/Finals Meet held at the West Side Aquatic Center. The meet is held exactly one week prior to Border Champs ... (For these groups: Black , Coaches, Junior Group, Senior Group)
July 25 2018

Jul 25, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Jul 29, 2018 (07:00 PM)

TAGS is the end of Season State Meet. Qualification times must be met.
July 27 2018

Jul 27, 2018 (04:00 PM) - Jul 29, 2018 (06:00 PM)

This is the end of season Championship Meet. All Knights not attending TAGS are required to participate in this meet. Details as they become available. (For these groups: Junior Group, Senior Group)
July 31 2018

Jul 31, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Aug 4, 2018 (08:00 PM)

This is a Border Sponsored Championship. Swimmers who Qualify for this meet will be contacted. Time standards are updated every year and will be included in the Short Course Championship program. ...
July 31 2018

Jul 31, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Aug 4, 2018 (07:00 PM)

The Senior Zones is an end of season prelim/finals meet of a high caliber. Swimmers must qualify for this meet, please sign up if you'd like and the coaches will look at your swimmers elegibility. ...