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Put an end to the chaos of multiple communication tools and start using a single platform to communicate what you want to whomever and whenever you need.

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Give them something worth talking about

Communicating has never been this easy. Whether you want to share team successes with your entire organisation or let a single parent know about any changes. It’s all available from a central platform so you don’t need to sort through different devices or find individual contact information. 

Easy to access

Keep your swimmers and their families in the loop on the latest news and developments wherever they are by phone or desktop.

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Easy to access communication tools
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Easy to share

Your organisation is up to big things, and the world should know about it. We made it easy to get social by sharing pictures, videos, practices, updates and much more with your swimmers and parents.

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Easy to filter

Sometimes you want to keep your whole organisation in the know. Other times its a message just for a couple people. We’ve made it easy to filter and sort who gets what message. 

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Be in control of the message

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Keep it together

Create a centralised location with contact information for all your swimmers and their families—and don't worry about keeping things updated, any changes made by a family will update for you, as well.

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Stay in the know

Do you send out team messages and feel like no one opens them? With TeamUnify’s Email Center, track messages to see who has and has not opened them. 

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Push it out

Members can get email and push notifications to ensure they are never left in the dark no matter where they happen to be.

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Powerful tech that moves with you

Your swim life doesn’t end when you leave the office. That’s why we loaded the TeamUnify Mobile App with the tools and technology you need, so you can use them where and when you want. 


Keeping your swimmers and families engaged even when they’re away from the pool by easily sharing photos, videos, practice updates, and much more.

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The tech you need to put you a length ahead

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We used to have to maintain distribution lists for our newsletters - now it's just a few clicks for the coaches. It's intuitive and it automates everything.

 Kevin Saunders

 Sevenoaks Swimming Club




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