Marcy Rand Scholarship Award


Marcy Rand Senior Scholarship Award


The Marcy Rand Senior Scholarship Program is available to students who have graduated from high school and are accepted to and will be attending an accredited college or university in the fall of the current year.  Applicants must be a current member of the team with a minimum high school GPA of 2.5.    The Marlins operate the scholarship program for the following reasons:

  • It provides an incentive for parents and students alike to consider sticking with the swim team into their high school years when the commitment becomes more difficult due to schedule conflicts, active social lives, and apathy.
  • Our older kids contribute to the team by working with the younger swimmers, serving as Big Buddies, etc., and we want to reward that effort.  We want them to know they’re appreciated and that we care about their future.
  • We want to demonstrate our strong commitment to kids and community, in addition to competition.

For information about the application process, check the Marlins homepage for announcements during the month of June.  As we get closer to the end of the season we will provide a link to the application here.


The Maple Hills Marlins Scholarship was conceived by Marcy Rand, a devoted swim team mom of Jeffrey, David and Alexa. Marcy was passionate about education and especially passionate about living each day to the fullest, investing in others and always striving to be your best. Marcy worked diligently to implement the scholarship program and in July of 2008, the first two Marlins scholarships were awarded to graduated seniors Devon Crouch and Joey Dobrowolski.

Marcy lost her 4 ½ year battle with cancer in June of 2012.  She will be missed as a valued member of Maple Hills community and the Marlins Swim Team.

In July of 2012, the Marlins chose to honor Marcy and changed the name of the Maple Hills Marlins scholarship to the Marcy Rand Senior Scholarship.