White 3

Competitive Training in the Learn to Train Stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model



This is our third competitive level. Swimmers will start looking to qualify for Jr. Provincials and for Manitoba/Saskatchewan Championships.



Target Group: Swimmers aged 9-11 who are performing beyond the White 2 program in competition and in practice.


Outcome Goals: introduce longer swims in training, to become a role model through action, to test skills under load, to set and be part of attaining group/TEAM goals.


Mental Skills: setting technical goals for each practice and race.


Season: September 2019 - June 2020

Weekly Training Schedule:

White 3 (Shaw Centre ONLY)
Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday
5:45-7:30pm 5:45-7:30pm 5:45-7:30pm  


Competition Schedule: 

BLUE = Non-Sanctioned (unofficial time)

YELLOW = Sanctioned (official time)

**Click the schedule to download as PDF file**


Team T-Shirt
Team Cap
Fins – speedo or Arena Pro MUST BE SHORT BLADE
Snorkel – Michael Phelps or Finis Jr
Junior One-Piece Pull Buoy
Mesh Bag
Gym clothing (All training sessions will have a dry land component and swimmers will need to bring
shorts, t-shirt and shoes.)


For information regarding registration fees, contact Jay Magus at registrar@goldfins.ca