Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club

As pools reopen and the Goldfins have a plan operate safely during the pandemic.

To see how we have returned to swim safely, please visit our Return to Swim 2020-2021 tab.

Competitive Training in the Train to Train Stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model



This is our first high school competitive level, allowing for swimmers to choose 5x/week or 7x/week depending on outside of swimming activity levels. Swimmers will attend 3-4 day invitationals in addition to attending Jr. Provincials, Manitoba/Saskatchewan Championships and out of province meets.


B18(a) is swimming 5x/week              B18(b) is swimming 7x/week


Target Group: Swimmers aged 15-18 who are performing beyond the Blue 14 program in competition and in practice.


Outcome Goals: continued improvement in training and competition, convert to a best stroke/race, to allow for outside of swimming activities, have in season and peak season expectations.


Mental Skills: Creating an "Ideal" Performance State.


Season: September 2020 - June 2021

Weekly Training Schedule:


Thursday Saturday Sunday









Competition Schedule: 

BLUE = in training, the focus is to learn new race strategies and work on skill execution.

YELLOW = PEAK meet, the focus is on making this the fastest possible of the training cycle.

**Click the schedule to download as PDF file**



Team T-Shirt
Team Cap
Fins – speedo or Arena Pro MUST BE SHORT BLADE
Speedo Training Paddles
Snorkel – Michael Phelps or Finis Jr
Junior One - Piece Pull BuoySkipping rope
Mesh Bag
Gym clothing (All training sessions will have a dry land component and swimmers will need to bring shorts, t-shirt and shoes.)

For information regarding registration fees, contact Jay Magus at [email protected]

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