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As pools reopen and the Goldfins have a plan operate safely during the pandemic.

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Goldfins Masters add their Results to the Goldfins T 300 Pull #swimagain Challenge Results

Jennifer Robinson

Last week’s Swimming Canada #swimagain challenge was the Timed 300 Pull.  Goldfins swimmers were encouraged to post a pull best time, pulling with a pull-buoy.  This week, we welcomed our Goldfins Masters Swimmers who participated in this Challenge.  Results from across Canada have been tabulated.  Congratulations to our Goldfins on their achievements.  Congratulations to Ethan H for leading our Goldfins in this challenge.

Weekly results can be found at:

The Saskatoon Goldfins submitted 95 Results in the T 300 Pull Challenge.

Saskatoon Goldfins T 300 Pull Results

Week #5 Challenge the Club will be repeating the 200M Kick!