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Tuesday Tip - Spice Up Your Swim Meet Warm-Up

Jennifer Robinson

Spice Up Your Swim Meet Warm-Up:

1. Visualize your race in the minutes leading up to it.

Try standing behind the block of the lane you are going to swim in later, and mentally rehearse the race a couple of times. Imagine the dive, how the water feels, and your anticipated kick tempo.

Visualization before warm-up, will feel like a full-dress rehearsal, readying yourself for the big event.

2. Jump-Start your Central Nervous System.

Your body should be ready to go before you dive in the water. Don’t use the first lap of your race to acclimatize yourself to swimming at top speed.

How can you do this?

Do some explosive movements outside of the pool that simulate your race. A couple squat jumps. Some fast-paced push-ups. Medicine ball throw downs. Just a handful of reps—the point isn’t fatigue but CNS stimulation.

3. Ready and Refreshed

Once you feel like you are ready to rock and roll, your warm-up is done. It is important to feel refreshed and recharged.

4. Plan B

If you know that the meet warm-up is going to be congested, and there is no secondary pool, develop a dryland warm-up with your coach.

You’ll still want to get a few laps in to get that feel for the water, but if you are short on time, you can manage the majority of your warming up outside of the pool.

Develop a plan in the days leading up to the meet (and use it before your regular swim practices to get a feel for it).

5. Warm and Toasty

The classic swimmer’s parka has been a common sight on deck at swim meets for decades, and with good reason—getting bundled up helps keep that core temperature raised.

Throw on some sweat pants, a hoodie/parka and preserve some of the heat you built up during your warm-up.

In Summary

As you gain swim meet experience you will learn what works best for you not only physically, but mentally in terms of getting prepared for a stellar performance.

Stay loose, stay warm, and stay ready.