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Junior Goldfins Raced Their Way to 270 Personal Best Times at the Little Caesars 2023 Winter Fun Meet

Jennifer Robinson


The Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club hosted the second Little Caesars Fun Meet of the 2022 – 2023 swim season, Friday, March 10, 2023, at the Shaw Centre, Saskatoon, SK.  The pool was hopping with excitement as we watched 130 Junior Goldfins swimmers compete in nine (9) events.  Junior Goldfins swimmers posted 270 personal best times.

Congratulations to these Junior Goldfins swimmers who posted 100% personal best times: Lenix Bear, Angel Besong, Finley Bruce, Harrison Bruce, Minau Burrows, Caris Carlson, Ruby Chovan, Lyla Currie, Bram Davidson, Robert Falastein, Ty Fehr, Alex French, Bronwen Friggstad, Sawyer Frith, Leo Genest, Cora Giblin, Summer Grajo, Sawyer Hankewich, Saige Heinrichs, Tess Hitchings, Nhan Hoang, Torrin Hussain, Quinn Keleman, Alex Kovalenko, Oliver Ledingham-Off, Zoe Liakopoulos, Olivia Lovick, Elliotte Mah, Calvin McKeown, Lydia McKeown, Oscar Metz, Matthew Mills, Stella Moore, Daniel Mu, Samuel Munshaw, Bodhi Ness, Madelyn Ness, Brandon Nguyen, Zoey Painchauld, Natalie Pham, Keeli Pocock, John Preiss, Nikolas Shulzhenko, Matthew Sklar, Leo Sondergaard, Sullivan Sondergaard, Brette White, Chathun Wickramarathna, Emma Witt, Ocean Wu, Daniel Xie, Isaac Xie, Hannah Yonkman, Evelyn Zaluski, and Emma Zhao.


Top 3 Most Improved Junior Goldfins Events:

Hayden Zimmer                      100 Freestyle              “-46.50”

Oliver Ledingham-Off             100 Freestyle              “-44.68”

         Madelyn Ness                         100 Freestyle              “-42.74”          


Congratulations to the Winter Fun Meet Door Prize Winners:

Bronze: Leo Genest

Silver: Sawyer Frith

Gold: Farrah Aitken



Top 3 Results from the Little Caesars 2023 Winter Fun Meet:

50M Freestyle: Bronwen Friggstad – 1st, Bailey Hough – 2nd, Aishleen Mundi – 3rd

25M Freestyle Kick: Summer Grajo – 1st, Brette White – 2nd, Jasper Ledingham-Off – 3rd

100M Freestyle: Alex Kovalenko – 1st, Dakota Wigness – 2nd, Zeyah Flemming – 3rd

25M Freestyle: Summer Grajo – 1st, Brette White – 2nd, Jasper Ledingham-Off – 3rd

50M Silver Kick: Sylas McAvoy – 1st, Torrin Hussain – 2nd, Ellie Pelzer – 3rd

50M Gold Kick: Madelyn Ness – 1st, Yuri Zaluski – 2nd, Steven Zhang – 3rd

50M Gold Backstroke: Ryland McAvoy – 1st, Steven Zhang – 2nd, Alex Kovalenko – 3rd

25M Bronze Backstroke: Brette White – 1st, Summer Grajo – 2nd, Max Metz – 3rd

25M Silver Backstroke: Ruby Chovan – 1st, Sylas McAvoy – 1st, Aishleen Mundi – 3rd



The Saskatoon Goldfins sincerely thanks the 2022 – 2023 Junior Goldfins Fun Meet sponsor – Little Caesars Pizza.  Lana Makari for generously providing pizza for over 190 swimmers and volunteers.

The donation of this delicious pizza capped off an amazing evening of competition.  Young swimmers demonstrated their competitive swimming skills that they will continue to develop in the Junior Goldfins – Learn to Race Program.  The Goldfins’ Coaching Staff would like to congratulate the swimmers for dedicated practice of these skills and of their improved racing tactics. 


The Saskatoon Goldfins would like to thank all the volunteers, coaches, and swimmers for their tremendous efforts in ensuring these fun swim meets continue to be a remarkable success.   A special thanks to Ryan MacGillivray – Meet Referee, Colleen Patterson, Randall Keays, Kelly Kozak, Tanya Gokavi, Tracey Kennedy, Stephanie Peachey, and Aaron Genest for serving as Senior Officials.


For a complete list of results, visit the Goldfins website – Little Caesars 2023 Winter Fun Meet Page.